so i applied for my first job today


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if u ever see me in irl ur gonna be so disappointed

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Never go to the bathroom at an ATL show...
  • Jack: Why are you leaving?! Why are you leaving the show?!
  • Alex: Where are you going?!
  • Jack: We're not done yet!
  • Alex: Where are you guys going!?
  • Jack: What the fuck are you doing?!
  • Alex: Guys!
  • Jack: C'mon!
  • Alex: Oh wait, they're just going to poop.
  • Jack: Now we've got to wait for them.
  • Alex: We've got to wait for them to poop. Hang on, pause, pause. Let's actually honestly... I know this is going to be annoying, but let's wait for them to come out and when they come back out, let's all clap for them.
  • ATL play something random for ten or so seconds.
  • Alex: Alright now, come on. I think maybe they really are pooping.
  • Jack: Girls don't poop!
  • Alex: Stop! I have to concentrate. I have to concentrate while I wait for them to come out.
  • Wait three more seconds. Someone comes out of the bathroom.
  • Alex: Nope, nope. False alarm.
  • Jack: False alarm.
  • Alex: False alarm. Where are they?
  • Jack: Nope.
  • Alex: That's not them.
  • Jack: Unless they both turned into a guy?
  • Alex: They combined their powers to turn into one dude... I can wait. Honestly, I do not give a shit. This is our headlining tour, we can do whatever we want. Yes I know. I know it's frustrating, I know you came here to see music, but I personally came to watch girls go to the bathroom.
  • Jack: That's what we normally do when we're home. Where the fuck are these girls, dude?
  • Alex: They're just not ready. I'm going to wait.
  • Jack: They're probably doing drugs.
  • Alex: I'm GOING to wait.
  • Jack: Can we arrest them? For doing drugs in the girls room?
  • Alex: Jack shut up! Just hang tight. I know you guys want to hear a song, but I want to laugh at these girls... Nope. That's not them. Come on guys. What are you guys doing in there? Rian, shut up!
  • Jack: Can you go and get them for me, please? Thank you. Thank you.
  • Alex: I don't care if you're bored Rian. YOU'RE boring!
  • Rian gets up to go and get them.
  • Alex: What are you going to do? You don't even have a microphone.
  • Jack: Don't tell them what we're doing
  • Alex: He's going to go in there and be like 'Don't come out ever! They're going to laugh at you'
  • Girls and Rian come out to cheering.
  • Jack and Alex: YAY!!
  • Alex: Good job guys.
  • Jack: We waited for you!
  • Alex: How was it? How was the facilities? Did you wash your hands?
  • Jack: Are you on drugs?
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halfpassedfor asked: What time is it there Tessa??? Lol. Is it weird a stranger calls u by your first name? (If that is really your first name) i just wanna message you telling you ur awesome. :) have a great day. Oh, it's 11:23 pm here currently so yeah. Bye^^

Hi lovely!

It’s fine, you can call me by my first name or you can call me Tess everyone else does (yes Tessa is my actual name and Marie is my middle name). Thanks, I think you’re awesome too! It’s actually 6:25pm here so that’s why I’ve been blogging a lot. :)

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